The Somerset Natural Learning Academy

Formerly the educational arm of the Glastonbury Trust

Natural LearningThe Somerset Natural Learning Academy has been set up to promote well-being through outdoor learning.

We believe that people are happier, healthier and better integrated through simple, everyday contact with nature.

We have a particular interest in encouraging the use of labyrinths for education, spiritual growth and community cohesion.

Why Labyrinths?

Willow Labyrinth Running

Labyrinths are a physical statement that our spiritual lives matter.  Labyrinths provide a focus for stillness, reflection and gentle exercise. Constructing temporary or permanent labyrinths helps communities come together in building for healing, meditation, spiritual growth and good, plain fun! In schools they provide a focus for a range of curriculum activities, as well as a tool for recreation, relaxation and spiritual growth.

Our unique approach is to build full-scale labyrinths with children of all ages, enabling them to transform their environment and creating a truly special space. It also enables a school to have a permanent labyrinth (depending on materials) for a truly affordable price!

Watch out for our new publication for schools and community groups – ‘The Power of Labyrinths’, available from Amazon and this website in the early autumn 2016.

Why Forest School?

Forest SchoolForest School is about working with and connecting with natural environments. Aimed mainly, but not exclusively at children and young people, Forest Schools support well-being and holistic learning through flexible approaches to tasks, kinaesthetic learning, challenging but accessible outcomes and small group environments.