The Power of Labyrinths

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The Power of Labyrinths: 100 Activities and Projects for Individuals, Schools and Community Groups

Paperback,  lithographic print, 294 pages, 242mm x 165mm

The Power of Labyrinths by Chris Trwoga“Virtually the only book of its kind, offering well developed, tried and tested activities that will be a boon to any individual school or church looking for accessible tools for learning, spiritual growth and well-being”

The Power of Labyrinths offers 100 Labyrinth based activities that have been developed in primary and secondary school as well as adult settings. They are a powerful mix of making activities as well as well-being, meditational and spiritual exercises.

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   I am a primary school teacher in the old mill towns of the Pennines. I run a Forest School Club and like to incorporate as much outdoor learning as I can in what I do. ‘The Power of Labyrinths’ is a whole new ball game, offering activities that can’t be found anywhere else. All the information I need in terms of materials, structuring the activity and background information is here. The children have had great fun drawing labyrinths and making them out of everything from cobbles, to barrier tape or marking them out on grass with chalk line paint. Now we’re collecting jam jars for a Christmas candle Labyrinth and the performance of the Labyrinth Nativity Play in the book. Yes, alongside everything else, there are 10 short plays for performing in indoor or outdoor labyrinths. This book is all you need if you wish to work with labyrinths and a great way to increase the activities open to you as an outdoor practitioner.

– MH, Todmorden

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