Bridge Building

Bridge Building
NC Links – Forces – Bridges, Cranes & Masts – exploring how different shapes withstand forces.

Please note, our minimum charge is for 3 hours or a half-day session because of transportation and set up costs. A full day is charged at 5 ½ hours.

The package includes preparatory materials and at least a half-day of follow-up activities Prices are inclusive of materials.

All sessions are delivered by qualified teachers/Forest School leaders.

In Brief – Children build a mix of towers, cranes, mini-bridges, rope bridge and a dome, some ‘off-plan’ and others to their own design. All structures built are load tested and the distribution of forces discussed.

Experiences – Depending on the length of session and age of group children construct a mix of towers, dome, mini-bridges and cranes (cantilevers) out of willow and hazel sticks, string, tent pegs and masking tape. Year 5 and 6 children make a rope bridge capable of being crossed. All the structures are tested by being loaded with weights so that the distribution of forces can be observed.

Timing & Numbers – Up to 30 children for 3 hours or two groups of 30 with 1½ sessions. Minimum booking, half-day.

Target Group(s) – Years 3 to 6.

Aims. To develop team skills in decision-making and carrying out group tasks. To encourage calculated risk-taking in design decisions.

To enable children to explore the distribution of forces in arches, domes and suspension bridges and to carry out tests to study the efficiency of their designs.

To enable children to critically evaluate their work to establish and record the outcomes.