Labyrinths Activity Pack 1 – Maths Shape, Measures, Angles Symmetry

Labyrinth Building
Please note, our minimum charge is for 3 hours or a half-day session because of transportation and set up costs. A full day is charged at 5 ½ hours.

The package includes preparatory materials and at least a half-day of follow-up activities Prices are inclusive of materials.

All sessions are delivered by qualified teachers/Forest School leaders.

In Brief – Half day package making, measuring and using temporary rope and cobble labyrinths.

Experiences – Depending on age, children use set squares, pegs and string to make 3 different designs of labyrinth. Children then play measuring and other Maths related games in the labyrinths.

Timing & Numbers – Up to 30 children for 3 hours or two groups of 30 with 1 ½ sessions. Minimum booking, half-day.

Target Group(s) – Years 1 to 4.

Aims. To explore the properties of right angles, circles and parallel arcs as used to make a 3 and 7 circuit labyrinth. To work in groups to solve problems in marking out and measuring labyrinths. To learn to use a variety of simple tools to make and measure shapes from a scale plan.