Labyrinths Activity Pack 3 – Labyrinths For Well-Being – Making And Using Labyrinths For Self-Fulfillment & Spiritual Growth

Labyrinth Building
Please note, our minimum charge is for 3 hours or a half-day session because of transportation and set up costs. A full day is charged at 5 ½ hours

The package includes preparatory materials and at least a half-day of follow-up activities Prices are inclusive of materials.

All sessions are delivered by qualified teachers/Forest School leaders.

In Brief – One or two day workshop that can be adapted for adults or children, with a focus on the therapeutic and spiritual value of labyrinth making and use.

Experiences – A variety of techniques are explored for making temporary labyrinths that are appropriate to the setting and purpose, including labyrinths for people with significant disabilities. We also look at how low-cost or no-cost labyrinths can be constructed in small garden environments for personal use. The body of the course is a series of therapeutic exercises, including yoga, reflection and meditation, designed to address the needs of the client group. With children the focus is on making and decorating sacred space, including making mini-labyrinths for personal use, sensory walking, running and breathing exercises to promote calmness and a sense of well-being. The two day course also provides opportunities for people to develop their own exercises based on their distinctive work contexts or personal needs. We also work with groups to support the use of labyrinth in faith contexts.

Timing & Numbers – This is an entirely flexible programme and the length of session can be adapted to the needs of the client. We plan to run weekend residential packages in 2014 to be posted before the end of the year.

Target Group(s) – Adaptable to all ages and contexts.

Aims – To provide people with the skills to make simple labyrinths for a variety of personal and community contexts. To explore the pre-historic and historic contexts of labyrinths and to explore how history can be utilized to develop labyrinth use. To experience a range of therapeutic experiences/ spiritual exercises based on labyrinth use in the individual, group and community context.