Mindfulness Magic for Kids

Once upon a Pose – using Yoga to link with English Curriculum to help children to develop their Creativity


In Brief   –   A morning package suitable for all ages. Children warm their bodies, complete a series of yoga exercises, relax and engage in a visualisation.

Experiences – Yoga adventure stories for children done as a series of exercises, followed by time to relax. Mindful visualisation to recapture the story.

Yoga naturally flows into story form. It makes it fun. The story will unfold according to the child’s imagination.

Timing and numbers –  Up to 25 children.  Timing dependent of age and ability. Follow  up session in the classroom to further develop the imagination created within the session

Target Group –  Years 1 to 4

Aims. To develop the skills of yoga and Mindfulness, as tools for aiding creativity and developing concentration within the classroom.


Please note, our minimum charge is for 3 hours or a half-day session because of transportation and set up costs. A full day is charged at 5 ½ hours. The package includes preparatory materials and at least a half-day of follow-up activities Prices are inclusive of materials.

All sessions are delivered by qualified teachers/yoga practitioners. For more information, read our blog at Yoga Mindfulness for Kids.


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