Native American Activity Package


NC links include History, Science (Forces & Transport) and Spirituality/R.E/Literacy (fireside story-telling).

Please note, our minimum charge is for 3 hours or a half-day session because of transportation and set up costs. A full day is charged at 5 ½ hours.

The package includes preparatory materials and at least a half-day of follow-up activities Prices are inclusive of materials.

All sessions are delivered by qualified teachers/Forest School leaders.

In Brief – Half or quarter day package in which Native American history and lives are explored.

Experiences – Travois construction and use (Native American sled), arrow-making, tipi erection and fire-side story-telling with ritual items employed.
National Curriculum Links – History, Science (Forces/Friction/Transport), Literacy (speaking & listening) Structured discussions on the tasks and the reasons for carrying them out.

Timing & Numbers – Up to 30 children for 3 hours or two groups of 30 with 1 ½ sessions. Minimum booking, half-day

Target Group(s) – Years 5 & 6. PLEASE NOTE, THIS PACKAGE IS ADAPTABLE TO YEARS 3 & 4.

Aims. To explore non-wheel solutions to transportation problems. To explore the friction and forces involved in using a native American travois.

To explore how forces and friction work in the use of a bow and arrow.

Spirituality and the concept of home. To explore how the Native Americans of the plains utilized temporary shelters and how a nomadic lifestyle affects how we see ourselves and what we value.

To explore the circumstances and pressures dictating migration patterns of plains Native Americans.